Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wow - finally.......My blog is up and running (well sort of!). Had a few glitches. Many thanks to Simply Paper (Vicky) who gave me some well needed tips! Still working out some bugs, but here are a few of my latest layouts. Hope you enjoy.


  1. Your blog looks GREAT! Love the changes you made!

  2. Wow Donna well done!! I've been fiddling with mine for sometime. But I get distracted very easily and then don't look at it for months. I find I don't have the patients to figure it out lol
    Thanks for stopping by, Yes I have been having a couple bad weeks.
    All the stress caused my muscles to go into spasm, It was terrible.
    I don't know what was worse.. having to drive and can't turn my head, so Had to rely on my two boys.. is it clear.. can I get into that lane? Is there anyone comming? That was awful.. Under any other situation I would NEVER drive like this, but I was on my own and had no choice. My cat had to get rush to emerg right in the middle of all this was just to crazy! He could of picked a better time. But Thank goodness it happened before Friday, cause then I got REALLY sick, Kyle figured I needed a terrible cold on top of everything. Whew it knocked my socks right off! by Monday it went into my chest and my asthma as gotten worse.. but thank goodness for Advair! I think i'm going to live now. Corey starts pyshsio on tuesday next week, he's been dealing with pain so needs to get that going.
    Hopefully I will be feeling alot better soon and get back to some scraping. and work on my blog, its not the way I want it.. but I keep putting things here.. and there. switching things around, adding and deleting and trying to find a flow that feels right.. and to find a top name pictures like you have.. AND figure out how to adjust the sizes of pictures..so many things to learn!! You've done a great job! Thanks for stopping by mine and joining and for leaving me a comment.. I"m glad you stopped by. Now you know why I haven't been around! Talk to you soon. Sherry