Friday, June 4, 2010

Normally I only post layouts, but today is a different day! What was I thinking? Is it February - the month I always do crazy things like dye my hair all kinds of funky colors, start some odd ball weird diet? Nope, for some reason, today I woke up and decided that I was gonna get my haircut, not just cut, but really cut! I decided also that since my current salon of 7 yrs has gone up to $35 (not to mention the product hawking) since my "stylist" is now a "master stylist" (although her cuts have yet to reach master stylist status in my humble opinion), I was gonna look for a new do and a new do-er! Of course, I had the answer, google! Of course! So I googled Bethlehem salons (I'm crazy, but didn't want to go crazy too far from home) & narrow it down to 2 newer and innovative salons. (reads: a step higher than Holiday Hair, lol) I started to decide if rock, paper, scissors was the answer and realized that was hard to do since I was alone! Eeeny, meeny, miney moe won out & Lux (who touts themselves as eco-friendly and organic, no less) won out! Actually the deciding factor was that they give a 5 minute intense scalp massage with every shampoo and they were donating all hair trimmings to the oil spillage clean-up. No brainer on that one! Enter Josh, my young and new stylist. I went for suggestions and when the poor guy was giving me some new hair ideas, I was coming up with new ones like, "how about we trim it up about an inch and then we can discuss options for my next visit!" What a wuss! Next thing I know, I am nodding and saying, "ok, go for it Josh". Nine thick and wavy inches later, I now have the short and curlies! I have to say he did a wicked wicked cut (photo doesn't do it any justice), I'm just in shock! Boy, this is gonna take some getting used to! AND HOW WAS YOUR DAY!


  1. Remember hair grows back. Looks great and with the hot weather here you'll love it. Also the clippings are going for a good cause.

  2. Absolutely LOVE the new hair do! It looks adorable on you!!!!

    Having said that, I have a funny story for you. When we moved here five years ago - I didn't know ANYONE...and my older daughter and I walked into a Holiday Hair (could it be that bad?) - and both walked out with EIGHTIES HAIR!!! IT WAS AWFUL!!!!! LOL!!!! NEVER AGAIN!