Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bumming in the Poconos

Spending a few weeks up north at our place in the Pocono Mountains.  Gretchen came to visit and stayed 3 days.  We went bumming around the area and while she didn't get to see any bears like the one below I saw earlier this week, she got to see 3 big deer.  She also got a trip to the Army base and got to see the tanks & helicopters. 

Being Silly

Bee Happy

In the big chair

Moooooo! 84 Country Store

The little guy we saw last week (plus saw his brother)

13 inch native trout I caught this week.  Caught him in Wayne County & reeled him in in Pike County!  2 County fishing!  Caught him in the Paupak Creek in Newfoundland/Greentown Area. 

Having fun at the playgrounds

In hot water again!

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  1. Great photos and fun. Good one of the bear! The fish looks like good eating!