Friday, September 20, 2013

Claws and Paws

Two turtles

Feeding the giraffe with Pop Pop

At the dino dig

Wrastling gators

Lorakeets everywhere

Chloe' and Amy feeding the lorakeets

Birds Birds Birds

Spent a long 3 day weekend up the Poconos and had a little visitor come for 2 days!  We took a visit over to the Claws and Paws Wild Animal Park on Sunday.  Chloe' had a blast seeing all the different animals and ran from cage to cage in excitement.  It was a great day!  Took over 100 pictures.  Some of the highlights were feeding the giraffe, the lorakeets and when the monkey tried to smack Pop Pop through the glass, lol!  Chloe' talked about that for days! 

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  1. Donna, you're young at heart, and look young too! Fun time!