Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Alaina's First Birthday

Enjoying her cake

Beautiful cake for a beautiful girl!

Really getting into her cake!

Cousins Ella and Chloe' having a fun day together!

The girls all together! Chloe', Donna, Carol, Ella and Alaina
Happy Birthday to you!

My beautiful niece Alaina Elizabeth turned 1 year old on November 3rd.  We had a birthday party this past Saturday afternoon for her.  She looked so pretty in her little pink dress!  Our granddaughter Chloe' came along for the party and had a blast hanging with all her cousins especially with Ella! 


  1. Is this Ella's sister? She's her own beauty too!

  2. Yes, this is Ella's sister. Thanks for the compliment! I think she's beautiful too!