Friday, January 10, 2014

Distressed Mason Jars

Inspired by a gift my friend Sue made me for my birthday two weeks ago.  These are distressed mason jars I made for my scrap room to hold paintbrushes, supplies, etc. I love the rustic look they have. I bought a bunch of rustic (rusty) stars, bells, hearts, safety pins, etc. on with rustic wire to use as decorations. Added raffia around the tops and voila'. They are very easy to make. Pick your favorite acrylic paint and paint the outside of the mason jars in smooth strokes. Let dry overnight and then do a 2nd coat and let dry.  Then the sanding begins. Distress as little or as much as you want to get the look you are going for. Add a sealant (spray or brush on) and then add raffia or ribbons and rustic embellishments or anything of your choice. I bought some really cool rusty frog lids for my other mason jars and will add silk ribbons to the tops of those like the one Sue made for me. For a really cool effect, I painted the inside of the jars a different color. When you distress the outside, the inside color shows through.  I saw these really awesome miniature milk bottles (actually they serve mini milkshakes in them at the Outback) that I would love to alter for my room.  TFL!   

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