Thursday, June 19, 2014

3 day mini vacay with the Grandies

Had the pleasure of enjoying a few days in the mountains with the grandgirls this week.  Chloe' came and spent 2 days with us and Gretchen stayed for 3.  They had fun on "bear patrol" (going out on the golf cart looking for bears) and they got to see several of them including a Mama bear and 2 small cubs.  Spent a day at a local zoo, "Claws and Paws" where they got to see a ton of animals, petted and fed some goats and got to hand feed the lorikeets.  At night, they loved roasting marshmallows at the campfire and stayed up late playing in the "clubhouse"
 Gretchen feeding a lorikeet
 Nana and Gretchen hanging with the "keets"
 Chloe', Gretchen, Amy and "baby on board" at the Dino Dig
 Chloe' "hatching"
 All cracked up!
 Gretchen and Pop Pop
 Gretchen, Mickey and Tweety-Bird
 More "keets"
Two of the cutest turtles ever!

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