Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lehigh Valley Zoo

Hanging at the zoo!

 The girls posing for pics near the Otters

 Jack in the lorikeet area

 Chloe' and Gretchen making toad huts!

 All three milking the cow.  Got Milk?

 Playing in the dino dig

 Round and round we go!

 Cute kangaroos.  We got to see some "joeys"

 Gretchen and Jack "camping" out!
Love having the membership to the local zoo.  We have taken the kids numerous times this season and they love it.  Always something new to see and each time they take more and more time to look at the animals and ask questions.  They love being able to interact with the animals.  We also adopted a penguin named Spotty Spot. 

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