Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sights and sounds of summer vacation - July 2015

 Enjoying Lake Wallenpaupak on the pontoon with Jack
 The girls enjoying the pool
 Jack at the pool.  Cuteness overload!
 Fishing at the docks on Tobyhanna Lake
 Jack reeling in another fish!
 The playdoh gang!
 Settling in for some movies and snacks
One of Chloe's many fishies!
 One of the many Jack reeled in by himself!
One of Gretchen's sunnies and she caught the only perch of the day!

We enjoyed a fun and busy 5 days up the Poconos with the toddler gang.  We all enjoyed some boating, fishing and hiking.  The kids just loved hanging out going on "bear patrol" on the golf cart (we did see 1 bear), going to the pool, taking hikes and just being kids.  We enjoyed perfect weather and a good time was had by all!

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